Choose Congo Gold – Reasons Why You Should Go For It

Reasons to Choose Congo Gold

Effective search gold results will always reveal that investments on gold are the best. Although since 1971, coins in circulation are not linked to gold, major central banks consider investing in gold as the last refuge in case of economic crisis and thus retain their gold reserves and gold coins. According to the WGC (World Gold Council), physical gold outperforms other assets in the preferences of central banks seeking to diversify the dollar and the euro. If we update the value of gold in 1980 ($ 850 an ounce) at the level of current inflation, an ounce of gold would be worth about $ 2,200, much higher price than gold is currently trading. This reason is enough to value Congo gold as an attractive investment in our portfolio.

Choose Congo Gold For Your Investment

Here we present 10 reasons to choose Congo gold and invest in it, specifically in physical Congo gold through gold bars and gold nuggets:
• Profitable price: According to several search gold results, the price of gold has followed an upward trend since 2000. While last year has had a poor performance, the gold price has more than quintupled during this period of 12 years without having yet reached the levels of 1980 (adjusted for inflation).
• Low gold supply: In the last year, companies that exploit gold deposits have closed the most difficult mines to exploit to improve its profitability. This will cause global gold production stagnate reducing the supply of gold available.
• Low interest rates: The gold price always rises when real rates are low. We are currently in a period of low interest rates.
• Increasing gold demand: Gold demand is increasing, particularly in industry and jewelry. These two sectors account for about 70% of global demand for gold and have an annual increase of 5 to 8%.
• Search gold results – the best commodity is gold. In times of economic crisis, gold is the ultimate refuge value, so it is an asset that allows us to diversify portfolios for pension funds and professional investors. Many search gold results account for this. Get in touch with us today.

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