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Are you looking for VAT free gold bullion sale or physical gold sales? You are in the right place! Gold investment has a special status / position in many countries and tax systems in the world. In Denmark and the EU were investment gold exempt from VAT in 2000. We would also like to add that when you buy gold from Africa through us, you will be exempted from paying VAT. Few other precious metals have this advantage. You will also VAT free gold investments in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and China. Jewelry Gold, i.e. processed gold, do not have this advantage. It is only in Turkey that you will find VAT freedom in jewelry gold, including therefore, some chance to buy cheaper gold jewelry in Turkey. When you choose to buy gold bullion sale gold from us, you will discover that we offer you something that is at least as favorably as in Turkey.

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We have created this online store for all your gold needs from Africa. This is the only place where you can buy a gold bar without VAT. We have tons of high quality gold from the DRC here at the best rates ever. We offer you the advantage of having your gold ingot intact and ready if necessary. We also have quantities quantified for all your gold needs. Whether you need a handful or several kilograms of this highly precious mineral, you will have access to everything when you come to Nairobi. In addition, we also process all gold documents, making it easier for you to transport and transact on this mineral without any hassles. Come to Nairobi now or simply contact us online. Do not hesitate to do so now. Our 24K gold is what you definitely need for all your gold investment needs. If you have been looking for gold bullion sale opportunities here in Africa, do not hesitate to contact us.

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