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In the global marketplace for Gold and Diamonds, it remains very crucial to have a transparent view into your supply chain. With the abundance of scam artists and petty fraudsters it is alway best practice to have reliable sourcing systems in place. Legitimate suppliers and buyers need to come to an agreement to show transparent business operations in order to demonstrate a will to do long term business and to also adhere to international supply chain security standards. All buyers of Gold and Rough Diamonds must consistently analyse their supply chain. This will enable them to immediately notice, stop and control any potent security risks that can affect their bottom line.

Let us handle your Gold and Diamond Supply Chain request and demands. We are dedicated to long term business and fostering understanding and safety between sellers and buyers.

Our supply chain promises

Direct Supply from Miners,Affordable Pricing,Long term supply and contracts and Cheaper pricing with refinanced mining initiatives. 
We use our knowledge and expertise in applying metal techniques and processes to check, examine and test every component of the product, from a single trusted refined right through to a complex combination of market.
Our main goal is to ensure a safe and effective handover of the gold to our client and to guarantee that once complete, the performance, reliability and safety of their operation will continue. At Goldcage Africa, we take every step to ensure that this stage is delivered successfully as it is an essential element in determining a project’s future success.
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